Congress has created a Plutocracy of rich persons and corporations. We the People must restore our Democratic Republic.

The People have great wisdom and knowledge about what needs doing. The key is to tap into the Peoples’ wisest minds so they can propose good Initiatives, and the few best initiatives can be approved by the People. As important is assurance that the Solution cannot be corrupted.VancouverSun_hall440D

The Solution’s cornerstone is a large Grand Jury (called the Initiatives Qualifying Assembly) that qualifies just the best few Initiatives to reach the ballot.

The IQA is responsible to the People alone, independent of Government, funded as an entitlement of the People. The Grand Jury is as a constitutional fixture serving as buffer or referee between the Government and the People.

Subject to meeting reasonable minimum criteria, groups of citizens will create Initiatives, often using communications only widely available in the last 15 years such as Internet, social media, crowd-source, feedback guidance, etc., and propose them to the IQA by their publication.

To see how the Solution works, look at the simple one-page explanation.

This Solution is not new or unproven. For example, the ancient Athenian society that founded our western civilization also created a democracy where a 500-member randomly-selected grand jury qualified Athenian initiatives on which all Citizens voted. Switzerland, started their Swiss Initiatives over 100 years ago as a poor land-locked nation with few natural resources, now equals U.S. in personal incomes and other aspects of an advanced nation. In the U.S., three States now employ variants of a jury to improve their State Initiative systems and use of a Citizens’ Assembly to evaluate potential reforms is gaining traction.

The Constitutional elements of the Solution are in the Initiatives Amendment itself, which contains 21 paragraphs: the first three authorize initiatives, followed by 18 more that define the Amendment sufficiently to prevent our Government from subverting the process. Amendment Paragraph 2.2 states that Direct Initiatives shall have the power to do and undo all manner of things that Congress has done, does, and will do. Amendment Paragraph 4.3 implements the IQA by adopting its Charter on behalf of the IQA and by ordering the Government Actions necessary to ensure implementation. Constitution Order 1.1 directs the President to convene the IQA. Charter Rule 1.1 requires that full implementation must be ratified by the People before Government’s implementation obligations end.

Some strengths of the IQA Solution are:

  • Incorruptibility – Random selection, large size of 500 members, part-time one-year tenure, governing rule policies, and strict policing security makes this system as incorruptible as humanly possible.
  • Sufficient Management Skills – Its large size assures that the IQA will contain sufficient skills to operate effectively and make the Initiative rankings. Note that the IQA is not required to create the Initiatives, which require the ingenuity and creativity of small groups of expert Citizens.
  • Conservation of Voters’ Time – 500 randomly-selected members are statistically predicted to select between 90 and 95 percent appropriate Candidate Initiatives that Voters will want to see on the ballot (though the occasional IQA rule-change permissions may reduce this percentage).
  • Addresses Long Term Issues – IQA members are likely to address long-term issues the House representatives may omit because of 2-year re-election cycles.
  • Low Costs to You –The cost of this solution is minor compared with the gigantic transfer of wealth and power with our Plutocratic Republic permitted by the Peoples’ apathy.

Even though members’ pay and rewards are good, the inevitable unwillingness of some Citizens to serve on the IQA is addressed. The Solution starts by attempting to maximize participation, since this provides the best random-sample and fairness. The IQA recognizes an excessive hardship excuse and has the ability to relax the standards and use statistical substitutes as necessary to maximize the overall quality of the Solution.

This Solution is the People’s right and duty for peaceful evolution to resolve the takeover of our Democracy by Plutocracy.

Our republican form of government will continue unabated, except that the People will have on-going power to remedy excesses, failures, and abuses by the People’s government.

The future is unknowable, so for added confidence, the Amendment is gracefully repealed if the People do not twice affirm its success.

Are you ready to stand up and take action?

2 responses to “Solution

  1. Every eligible voter may be chosen to be an IQA grand juror for about one week a month over a year year. Jurors are selected randomly from all voters, so there is a chance that you will be chosen but it is not high.

    If you really want to change the government system, the way to do it is to join with a group of Citizens and propose an Initiative that will solve the problem. All Proposed Initiatives go to the Initiatives Qualifying Assembly of Jurors and they select the best Initiatives for the People to vote on at the next General Election.

  2. How can we become an IQA grand juror? Our gov. is out of control and no longer listens to us or upholds their oaths.

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