Congress is broken. But we can fix it.

Congress is in a grave state of systemic corruption, dysfunction and inefficiency. In return for reelection esteem and quid pro quo non-contemporaneous compensation, Congress has willingly ceded control of our Great Nation to a Plutocracy of large corporations and the super-rich, fronted by their hordes of lobbyists and media propagandists. Today, the problem has no solution; Plutocrats’ control strengthens while they placate the People with inconsequential appeasements and entertaining distractions.

Our Founding Fathers could not have predicted the power of today’s media age. Because of this, the problems we are facing are well beyond the scope of our current Constitution. We cannot expect Congress to self-regulate. They never have and they never will.

For the past two centuries, America has consistently outperformed all other forms of government. It’s a source of great pride for us, the American People.

Today, congresspersons and wealthy special interest groups hope that this same pride will be strong enough to overshadow the Truth: That our government has become completely unmanageable.

Convergence of unprecedented special interest influence and the astonishingly persuasive power of today’s media outlets have created a government by and for the wealthy elite rather than by and for the People.

Never before have the consequences for our Nation been so great and so damaging. Our Nation’s and our children’s futures are bleak if we don’t take action immediately.

Under our Constitution these special interest groups, as well as Congress, are all acting well within the law. Then again, Congress currently makes all the laws and sets its own rules without any enforceable oversight.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Congress cannot be expected to self-regulate. They never have and they never will.

It is the People’s responsibility to wield their power and control their government. It’s up to you and me. If we fail to accept this responsibility, then there is no one to blame but ourselves.

No matter which side of the party line you’re on, there is no denying the rampant corruption, dysfunction and total inefficiency of our current national government.

We must demand amendments to our Constitution that will reinstate the power of the People as was originally intended.

The Cycle of Corruption

Our Founding Fathers could never have predicted the outrageous power and control of today’s media age. These problems we’re facing go well beyond the scope of our current system of checks and balances. Without the proper amendments, our Constitution cannot take care of the imbalances that have arisen.

Running for congressional office has become enormously expensive and there’s every reason to believe this will only continue to increase. Candidates are forced to turn to large corporations, the wealthy elite and other special interest groups to finance their campaigns. These groups expect and receive a good return on their investment.

The current system creates an inherent and immediate conflict of interest in promoting the well being, and protecting the rights, of the People.

The Price We Pay

If nothing changes, things will only get worse. Here are just a few ways we the People pay for this broken system every day.

  • Waste, Inefficiency and Debt – Congress creates trillions of dollars in government overspending. Every penny of every dollar our government wastes will have to be accounted for eventually. Ultimately, it is our children who are being robbed.
  • Excessive Lobbying – There are about 12,000 government lobbyists spending over three billion dollars a year in Washington—that’s $6 million and 22 registered lobbyists per member of Congress. As if that weren’t enough, in 2013 almost half of departing congresspersons became lobbyists. This results in a Congress that places wealthy special interests ahead of the People’s interests.
  • Denying the People Their Right to Choose Representation – This basic constitutional right has been obliterated by our current system. The huge costs of running a campaign combined with the megalithic influences of today’s media outlets have allowed special interest groups to highjack our Congress.
  • Acting Against the People’s Interest – Would you trust a large pharmaceutical company to diagnose your medical condition? Would you trust a privatized, for-profit prison system to determine your innocence or guilt? Would you trust the manufacturer of pesticides to tell you whether or not their products are safe for your children?

If you answered “No” to any of these, I have some bad news for you: You already are. Special interest groups ARE these corporations and wealthy elite and they have successfully bought-and-paid-for our regulating government bodies.

Will you stand up and take action?

Protecting Our Right To A Government For The People

Each of these problems can be overwhelming and their solutions seem elusive and impossible to achieve. But that’s exactly how these special interest groups want you to feel: powerless, afraid, and hopeless. The good news is you DO have the power to invoke meaningful change.

There already exists a viable solution that has been proven effective in protecting the power of the People and minimizing government corruption, corporate control and wasteful inefficiencies.

Learn how to reclaim your government…