Congress has created a Plutocracy of rich persons and corporations. We the People must restore our Democratic Republic.

The People can implement this Solution over vigorous opposition from Congress, corporations, and the ultra-wealthy, plus reluctance in many States. The Campaign’s ultimate objectives are for 34 or more States to call a Limited Article V Convention to propose the Initiatives Amendment followed by 38 or more States to ratify the Initiatives Amendment. Congress has no power to prevent an Article V Convention or an Amendment’s ratification. It will not be quick or easy, but today it is still absolutely possible to defend the Peoples’ liberty against tyranny by a Plutocratic Republic.

The People have a Critical Strategic Power: 24 States have State Initiatives (i.e.,  70% of the States needed to call the Convention; 63% of the States needed to ratify the Amendment).

Moreover, in 16 States, the People can pass State Constitutional Amendments that preserve the U.S. Initiatives Amendment as permanent State demands.

In view of Congressional recalcitrance, the State Amendments must require resubmittal of their Article V Convention application every four years.Passing a substantial number of these States Initiatives is the essential first step for the Campaign. Without this first step, Congress might write an ineffective version of the Initiatives Amendment, then submit it to the states for ratification in an attempt to preempt the Peoples’ right to alter their constitution.Occupy Wall Street Protests May Day 2012

If and when about $50 million dollars of support funds are available to pay signature gatherers and $150 million for voter education, this first step can be completed in about five years; otherwise it will drag on for decades – e.g., the grass-roots 19th Amendment granting women’s suffrage took 72 years from 1848 to 1920, while the 2011-2012 grass-roots non-violent Occupy Wall Street movement achieved little definitive change despite 50,000-100,000 marchers on May Day 2012.

Funding the Initiatives Amendment effort will be slow and tedious if it is not supported by any wealthy families or groups. Though general plutocratic opposition is expected:

  • many business leaders prefer to compete on a level playing field rather than bribing government to tilt it,
  • many wealthy families realize that the Initiatives Amendment benefits public tranquility and reduces the ever-present risk of runaway and violent civil unrest. Plutocrats are aware that U.S. civilian gun ownership accelerated alarmingly after the 2008 crash so that there are now more guns than people, making uprisings and riots more alarming than ever,
  • many corporations know that having a credible vent (e.g., Initiatives) against unmanageable public anger is a strategic national asset; nothing is worse for business than loss of public tranquility.

After Amendment Applications in virtually all 24 Initiative States, the work will become harder for both the Amendment Application and later its Ratification.

In recalcitrant States, an effective power of the People is to oblige State Legislator Candidates to sign the Initiatives Amendment Pledge or forgo their vote (in a manner similar to the effective Taxpayer Protection Pledge) and to make all voters aware of the Candidate’s stance. Repeated biennial filtering of Candidates will eventually prevail for both Amendment Application and Ratification; time and right are on the People’s side.

A basic schematic of the ratification process is available.

The future of this website may include being the repository for changes and latest versions of key documents – there are undoubtedly many improvements to be made and errors to be corrected. The NCSL and individual States are likely to decline this role, lest Congress charge them (if only to obstruct) with conspiring by entering an Agreement or Compact without the consent of congress. If donations are adequate, excess funds may be used to validate text, to independently error check, and to help jump-start state nonprofits to support the Initiatives Amendment in their states. This website will to continue to take no position whatsoever on what U.S. Initiatives should be initiated, proposed, or approved.

Supplementary material can be found in the Executive Summary and State Support. A slideshow Presentation is also available. It is hoped that readers will continue to provide feedback replies to improve the Solution. An informative video (e.g., on YouTube) is needed to help explain the Problem, Solution, and Campaign. Some readers may wish to employ social media. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the latest updates, news and announcements.