Congress is broken. But we can fix it.

It doesn’t matter which side of the party line you’re toeing, there’s no denying that the level of systemic corruption, dysfunction, and inefficiency in our Federal government has reached a tipping point. And it’s time to take action.

This website proposes a genuine Solution that is feasible, incorruptible, and will continuously counter future efforts to undermine the People’s rights. Moreover, it uses features already proved reliable and successful.

The website describes in detail how the People can implement this Solution over the vigorous opposition of Congress, corporations, the very wealthy, and their lobbyists. We invite visitors who want to improve the Solution to add their comments. If this sounds good, read on.
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Congress is in a grave state of systemic corruption, dysfunction and inefficiency. In return for reelection esteem and quid pro quo non-contemporaneous compensation, Congress has willingly ceded control of our Great Nation to a Plutocracy of large corporations and the super-rich, fronted by their hordes of lobbyists and media propagandists. Today, the problem has no solution; Plutocrats’ control strengthens while they placate the People with inconsequential appeasements and entertaining distractions. (more…)

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The only solution that can address these issues is to establish a Constitutional Process for checks, balances, and remedies by the People. We know that a workable system of checks and balances was a primary focus of our Constitution when it was ratified in 1788. Today, the regulating laws meant to curtail government power and prevent corruption are completely irrelevant and ineffective. However, the Declaration of Independence gives the People the right and duty to alter our Government. We the People must stand up and reclaim our government. (more…)

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The Campaign

It is absolutely possible to reinstate the power of the American People and regain control of our government. Are you ready to take action?

United States Constitutional Amendment – We must first amend our Constitution in order to return to its original objective of creating an effective system of checks and balances. This amendment will allow for Nationwide Initiatives governed for the People and by the People.

The People Have a Major Strategic Advantage

State Initiatives enable 70 percent of the 34 States needed to call for the Amendment and 63 percent of the 38 States needed to ratify the Amendment. If we use State Initiatives well, we are more than half way to passing this Amendment!

See for yourself in the brief FAQ summary: Which States Have Initiatives?


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