Congress has effectively created a Plutocratic Republic. The Initiatives Amendment can restore our Democratic Republic.

There’s no denying that our Federal government’s systemic corruption, dysfunction, inefficiency and ineffectiveness are intolerable. The major cause is the flood of bribery and coercion generated by seizure of our government by a Plutocracy of huge corporations and vastly wealthy individuals, aided by their financially dependent politicians, political parties, lobbyists, special interests, monopoly media propaganda, and world-wide tax havens.

This website defines a Solution that needs doing only once, after which the People will have permanent and timely power to control Government corruption, dysfunction, inefficiency, and Plutocratic takeover.


The Problem is huge: our Democratic Republic is effectively a Plutocratic Republic where ultimate authority and power is derived from Plutocrats, and the government itself is run by a Congressional Majority that was evaluated, chosen, financed, and promoted by Plutocrats for the Citizens to elect.

Plutocracy employs a light touch on most issues that are not central to its benefits and power. However, if a Member of Congress opposes their policy, Plutocracy selects a more compliant candidate and attempts to ensure that the opposing official fails at the next election. It becomes more entrenched and more intractable each year that Citizens fail their obligations of right and duty as demanded by the Declaration of Independence.

Neither the President nor the Supreme Court have the power to solve the Problem, and Congress is too beholden to plutocracy to solve it. Our checks and balances were not designed to address this Problem. Though the States theoretically have the power by repeated Amendments, it typically takes decades for just one Amendment that benefits the People – an order of magnitude slower than the few years in which Plutocracy can and does increase the Problem. Moreover, in the States, plutocratic power is increasing, making timely action important.

Plutocratic mischief can take only a few years. Nationwide Initiatives are commensurate in speed, a critical factor in repeatedly constraining Plutocracy and in defining the Solution’s form. Without Initiatives, Plutocracy’s speed, agility, and perseverance overcome the Peoples’ ponderous options.


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The People have great wisdom and knowledge about what needs doing. The key is to tap into the Peoples’ wisest minds so they can propose good Initiatives, and the few best initiatives can be approved by the People. As important is assurance that the Solution cannot be corrupted.VancouverSun_hall440D

The Solution’s cornerstone is a large Grand Jury (called the Initiatives Qualifying Assembly) that qualifies just the best few Initiatives to go on the ballot.

The IQA is responsible to the People alone, independent of Government, funded as an entitlement of the People. The Grand Jury is as a constitutional fixture serving as buffer or referee between the Government and the People.

Subject to meeting reasonable minimum criteria, groups of citizens will create Initiatives, often using communications only widely available in the last 15 years such as Internet, social media, crowd-source, feedback guidance, etc., and propose them to the IQA by their publication.

To see how the Solution works, look at the simple one-page explanation. (more…)

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The Campaign

The People can implement this Solution over vigorous opposition from Congress, corporations, and the ultra-wealthy, plus many States’ reluctance. The Campaign’s ultimate objectives are for 34 or more States to call a Limited Article V Convention to propose the Initiatives Amendment followed by 38 or more States to ratify the Initiatives Amendment. Congress has no power to prevent an Article V Convention or an Amendment’s ratification. It will not be quick or easy, but today it is still absolutely possible to defend the Peoples’ liberty against tyranny by a Plutocratic Republic.

The People have a Critical Strategic Power: 24 States have State Initiatives (i.e.,  70% of the States needed to call the Convention; 63% of the States needed to ratify the Amendment).

Moreover, in 16 States, the People can pass State Constitutional Amendments that preserve the U.S. Initiatives Amendment as permanent State demands. (more…)

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  1. Try looking at it this way: ratification needs more states than calling, so it dilutes the importance of the 24 Initiatives States from 70% down to 63%.

  2. Please check your two last paragraphs;  34 states call a convention call a convention, then in the last paragraph 70% of states call a convention,  yet 38 states ratify an amendment which is a higher number but has a lower percentage 63 percentage.  If I’m reading it correctly they are the wrong way round.

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